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Strategic Plan

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Executive Summary


This strategic plan for the Division of Finance & Administration, refreshed in 2015, is the product of thoughtful collaboration and spirited teamwork among Division leaders and staff members. While each of the individual departments within the Division have developed comprehensive unit plans, this Division plan encapsulates the broader goals, shared vision, and philosophy for implementing all departmental plans.

Strategic planning is a vital and dynamic activity within Finance & Administration. It establishes direction and empowers all staff and management to participate and assume greater responsibility for establishing and achieving our goals. The order of goals and objectives in this plan does not convey a specific priority sequence. Our priorities may shift and must be responsive to unforeseen changes in the environment around us. Consequently, this plan will be periodically revisited and revised as necessary to make it consistent with evolving needs and standards of Washington State University.



The Division of Finance & Administration is an integrated team of innovative professionals who deliver the highest quality operational services to support and improve the research and discovery, teaching, and engagement environment of Washington State University.



The Division of Finance & Administration provides outstanding stewardship and enhancement of the University’s human, financial and physical resources while providing a safe, enriching and sustainable environment in which people live, learn and work.



Excellence:  Provide excellence in all endeavors.

Integrity, Trust and Respect:  Foster relationships on trust and mutual respect in a professional, prompt and ethical manner. 

Creativity and Innovation:  Encourage and reward collaboration, creativity and innovation.

Responsibility, Accountability and Stewardship:  Safeguard and manage university assets ethically and efficiently.

Diversity and Humanity:  Embrace the diversity and humanity of our workplace in day-to-day interactions.

Lifelong Learning:  Promote personal and professional growth through a wide variety of experiences and opportunities.


Goal 1: Recruit, develop and retain an outstanding, diverse, and innovative workforce. 

Goal 2: Develop and foster a culture which proactively evaluates risk within the decision making processes. 

Goal 3: Establish open, factual and responsive communication with all of our customers, colleagues, and the global community facilitating transparent and collaborative relationships. 

Goal 4: Continuously improve service delivery to our customers focusing on improved communication, efficiency and effectiveness. 

Goal 5: Pursue new technologies that support and improve Finance & Administration services and meet the evolving needs of the University. 

Goal 6: Plan, design, construct and preserve quality facilities and infrastructure in alignment with University strategic priorities. 

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